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Mark Your Calendar! 2017 Toast for Tails Annual Auction Event May 20th
Dogs from Thailand are now at SoHumane

January 21, 2017 - the Soi dogs have arrived at SoHumane in Medford, Oregon. They will be available for adoption on January 25th. See more great photos of the dogs on the SoHumane Facebook page.

January 20, 2017 - Soi Dogs Update:

Due to mechanical issues with the plane that the Soi dogs were to be transported on our group of 8 dogs will not be arriving in San Francisco until this evening. This means that they will not arrive at SoHumane until the very late hours this evening. They should be able to be viewed in our kennels when we open on Saturday, January 21st at 11:00 am!

January 20, 2017 Dogs arrive at SoHumane from the Soi Dog shelter in Thailand

Eight very lucky dogs will be arriving at SoHumane in Medford, Oregon from Thailand on January 20th, where they will get a second chance at life thanks to a partnership between local no-kill shelter SoHumane and Thailand-based Soi Dog Foundation. Maverick, Renata, Hugo, Klaus, Bashful, Tommy, Darby and Petunia are just a few of the 10,000-plus dogs that have been rescued directly from the meat trade by the Soi Dog Foundation. SoHumane welcomes 8 lucky dogs media release January 12, 2017.pdf

8 rescued dogs at the Soi Dog Foundation, Thailand preparing for their trip to Sohumane
Heather & the dogs getting ready for their journey on January 19, 2017
Hugo waiting in Thailand

Karen Evans, Executive Director of SoHumane, said SoHumane said yes when presented with the opportunity to help these dogs find forever homes. “We saw this as an opportunity to help these poor animals while raising money to help animals here in Medford as well.”   Janis Rosenthal, who works closely with both organizations and facilitated the partnership, says it’s a dream come true.  “It’s nearly impossible to adopt out meat trade rescues in Thailand, so coming here is their only hope.  These dogs who have suffered unspeakable horrors really deserve a loving home with a safe place to rest their head.  Most of them have never known that.  I’m very proud that SoHumane has stepped forward to offer them a second chance at happiness.”

- January 10, 2017 - Heather Heath was the high bidder of SoHumane’s  "Trip of 10 Lifetimes" 2016 Toast for Tails auction package last May. She is on her way to Thailand, where she will stay at two 5-star resorts and then visit the Soi Dog Foundation.  Heather  will be bringing back 8 lucky dogs that were rescued from the meat trade. The dogs will be available for adoption at SoHumane. Petunia is pictured below.


$20K Auction Item Saves Dogs from Meat Trade Billed as "a trip of ten lifetimes" an auction item at SoHumane's Toast for Tails event is worth an estimated $20,000 dollars and will save the lives of dogs destined for the meat trade. By Erin Maxson |May 11, 2016

There are just a few tickets left for this year's Toast for Tails event. The formal fundraiser is the largest for SoHumane. This year the auction features one of its largest items ever: a trip to Thailand valued at $20,000. The round-trip airfare for two was donated by Janis Rosenthal and Jeff Rinkoff. The Ashland couple made such a major donation because the highest bidders will fulfill a responsibility very near and dear to their hearts. At the end of their stay at 5-star hotels, the winners will get a tour of the Soi Dog facility in Thailand and then accompany 10 dogs back to the Rogue Valley. Soi Dog, which is a non-profit organization based in Thailand, rescues dogs from the country's illegal meat trade. Each year, an estimated 200,000 dogs are packed into crates, shipped across the border to Vietnam and sold only to be tortured and killed for their meat. 

Rosenthal and Rinkoff became passionate about helping Soi Dog a few years ago. After several donations straight to the organization they came up with the idea of connecting Soi Dog with SoHumane, one of the many local organizations they support. When the 10 dogs arrive in the Rogue Valley they will get the royal treatment from SoHumane as staff gets to know the rescues and what kind of families would be best for each dog. Once that is done the dogs will be available for adoption All the money raised goes right back to SoHumane.